Contemporary classical realists
Almy Magdalena Bergeron Mia
Ameral Andrew Birath Andreas
Arcangeli Elena Bougie Peter
Armetta Robert Bowers David Michael
Astone Daniela Broman Carol
Assael Steven Brown Ryan
Aristides Juliette Buchannan Noah
Banks Allan R. Burdick Scott
Barry Colleen Buselli Ellen
Bartlett Bo Chang Warren
Bongers Ryan Cheetham Sean
Claudio Bravo Correia Martinho
Browxn Paul Chelich Michael
Bauman Stephen Chen Kevin
Ackrill Anthony Collins Jacob

Conklin Andrew Sterrett Fenne Camille Louise
Connolly James J. Fenske Ben
Cunningham Angela Flynt Douglas
Diehl Kristine Forester Sean
Dalessio Marc Forfang Adam
Davis Camie Gottlieb Adrian
DeLorenzo Paul Gerhartz Daniel
Delosso Gabriela Ghaderi Farigh
Devonas Patrick Gheno Dan
Dolci Simona Ginsburg Max
Dunn Kerry Gluck David
Downey Shaun Graciano Lucas
Early Stephen Gorges Kevin
Eagle Ellen Graves Daniel
Ericsson Joakim Greene Daniel

Grimaldi Michael Keys Daniel
Guidetti Louis LaRock Joshua
Guzik Nancy Larsson Urban
Hardesty Jonathan Layne Noah
Heldt Ninni Lethin Valdemar
Hernes Cornelia Larned David
Hess Justin LeFave Jamin
Hyde Maureen Levin Dana
Iten Dorian Levin Steven J.
Jacobs Ted Seth Lia-Kloppel Amber
Lack Richard Liberace Robert
Lehman Kate Lipking Jeremy
Curanaj Tony Long Ben
Kingsley Darren Mancini-Hresko Leo
Kelgerman Joshua DeMartin Jon

Marriage-Song Hyeseung Qian Mary
Martinez Juan Rahilly Paul
Mattelson Marvin Rhude Adam
McCromack Paul Robinsson Mario
McPherson Joshua Romark Sofia
Meek Valerie Russo Carlo
Mims Jeffery Ryder Anthony
Minoff Edward Ramiro Angel Sanchez
McGraw Sherrie Rubino Paula
Morra John Schmid Richard
Nerdrum Odd Seaton Paul
Novoselov Alexander Shanks Leona
Parrish Graydon Shanks Nelson
Nutt Andrea Seymor Travis
Pollard Anastasia Silverman Burton

Skudal Atle Watwood Patricia
Soloff Brandon Weed Charles
Whittaker William Weistling Morgan
Sowa Nathan Velasquez Anthony
St. John Will Will Wilson
Surdo Bruno Wolf Shane
Tennant Mark Von Der Ahe Danny
Thompson Dan Wang Yuqi
Todorovitch Joseph Wight Lea
Tully Nicole Michelle Wright Toby
Waddell Scott Youngers Anna
Waichulis Anthony
Walle Tasha
Vandais Bennett
Watts Jeffrey

Realist Sculptors
Anthonios Anthony Swanson Cody
Blokker Lotta Weisman Gary
Bodem Robert Vikström Jim
Buick Robin
Cortes Isolde
Craig-Wankiri Brian
Dooley Lance
Faraut Philippe
Frogner Kristin
Klass David
Perkins Stephen
Ponzio Alicia
Simon David
Sullivan Mason

Bisley Simon Lee Jim
Bonner Paul Lockwood Todd
Brom Pacheco Carlos
Chichoni Rex Adam
Dos Santos Dan Bell Julie
Foster Jon Zug Mark
Frazetta Frank Jusko Joe
Frezzatto Massimilliano Payne C.F.
Giancola Donato
Gimenez Juan
Guiton Edouard
Hughes Adam
Hussar Michael
Jacobson Tyler
Jones Jeffrey
Blake Vernon Art and Craft of Drawing (1927)
Henri Jacob Nicolas Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme (1831-1854)(Click "List All Pages In Book")
Dow Arthur Wesley Composition; a series of exercises in art structure for
the use of students and teachers (1913)
Harrison Birge Landscape painting; with twenty-four reproductions of representative pictures (1910)
Cole Rex Vicat Perspective: the practice & theory of perspective as applied to pictures,
with a section dealing with its application to architecture (1921)
Poore Henry Pictorial composition and the critical judgment of pictures (1903)
Richer Paul Anatomie Artistique 1890 Text . Plates (sadly in French)
Harold Speed Practice And Science of Drawing (1913)
George Bridgman The Human Machine The Anatomical Structure &
Mechanism Of The Human Body (1939)
Parkhurst Daniel The Painter in Oil (1897)
Solomon J.Solomon The Practice of Oil Painting (1914)
Bammes Gottfried Der Nackte Mensch
Richer Paul Canon des proportions du corps humain (1893)
Zrzavy Josef Anatomy something ??? 
Bridgman George     Constructive Anatomy 
Eastlake Charles Lock Methods And Materials Of  Painting Of The Great Schools And Masters  
Volume One
   Volume Two
Richter Jean Paul The literary works of Leonardo da Vinci  Volume One   Volume Two
Vasari Giorgi Lives of the most eminent painters, sculptors & architects 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 .8 . 9 . 10
Loomis Andrew All Andrew Loomis books: 
Storey G. A. Theory and Practice of Perspective
Blanc Charles The Grammar of Painting and Engraving
Maginnis Charles Pen Drawing
Marogner Jacques Secret Formulas and Techniques of The Masters
Da Vinci Leonardo Anatomy Drawings
Cox Kenyon Classical Point of View
Ruskin John The Elements of Drawing - 1920
Crane Walter Line and Form
Kugler Franz Handbook of Painting: The Italian Schools
Cust Lionel Van Dyck
John Denison Champlin Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings
Van Dyke John Charles Studies in Pictures
Toch Maximilian Materials for Permanent Painting
Church Herbert The Chemistry of Paints and Painting
James John Thomas Italian Schools of Painting
Abendschein Albert The Secret of the Old Masters
De Lara D. Laurent Elementary Instruction in the Art of Illuminating and
Missal Painting on Vellum
Campana D. Mathews The Teacher of Flowers and Fruit Painting
Van Dyke John Charles Text-book of the History of Painting
Radcliffe A. G. Schools and Masters of Painting
Wauters Alphonse Jules Flemish School of Painting
Clermont Witt Robert How to Look at Pictures
Stone Irving Michelangelo Sculptor - Michelangelos Letters
Clark Kenneth Landscape into Art
Hatton Richard G. Desing - 1902
Hatton Richard G. Figure Composition - 1905
Fels Donald C. Lost Secrets of Flemish Painting
Albinus Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani


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Details of Old Master Paintings
National Gallery Technical Bulletin - Raphael's early work
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Mother of All Arthistory Linkpages
Pigmentum Project
19th Century Artjournal
Kevin Chen Figuredrawings on
Ron Lemen Tutorial at
How and Why of Paint Apllying Methods
Animal anatomy from the University of Wisconsin
Paintings on Canvas: Lining and Alternatives


Online Artsupply Stores
Color Theory and Paint Making
Research Pigments, Mineral Spirits etc.
Color Museum: Major summary of colour classification systems
Hyperphysics (C.R. Nave, Georgia University) Light and Vision . Colour Vision
Pigments Trough the Ages
Pigmentum Project
Color Vision - De Valois and Webster
The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Hand Print Color Theory
Glossary of Color Science - Alex Byrne and David Hilbert
ColorAcademy - Don Pavey and Roy Osborne
Causes of Color
Guide to Watercolor Pigments
The Bases of Colour Vision - Brian Wagner and D. Kline
Colortheory Visualizer
Color Theory and Paint Making Books
Lowengard Sarah The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Ball Philip and Mario Ruben Color Theory in Science and Art: Ostwald and the Bauhaus
Burnet John Practical Hints on Colour in Painting
Toch Maximilian Materials for Permanent Painting
Ståhlberg Steven Visual Perception and Aesthetics
Anatomy Rescources
Historical Anatomies on the web
Zrzavy Josef - Anatomy Something ???
Gottfried Bammes - Der Nackte Mencsh
Animal anatomy from the University of Wisconsin
Rey Bustos Anatomy Mouse Overs
Cadaver Pictures
Dissection Videos
George Bridgeman - The Human Machine
George Bridgeman - Constructive Anatomy 
Da Vinci - Anatomy Drawings
Kevin Chen Figuredrawings on
Anatomy of Face
Paul Richers - Artistic Anatomy in French: Plates . Text
Mouse Over Pictures of Muscles
Get Body Smart Muscle Charts
Guided Tour of Visible Human
California State Uni. - Skull


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