Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Charles Sprague Pearce

Charles Sprague Pearce (October 13, 1851 - May 18, 1914), American artist, was born at Boston, Massachusetts. Studied under Leon Bonnat in Paris.
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Fantasie. 1883. Oil on canvas
Souvenir du Midi. 1883. Oil on canvas. 119x155cm
Peeling Potatoes. 1885. Oil on canvas. 107x75cm
Lady with a Fan. 1883. Oil on canvas
Lamentations Over the Death of the First-Born of Egypt. 1877. Oil on canvas
Mourzouk. 1876. Oil on canvas
Arab Jeweller. 1882. Oil on canvas
Flower seller
La Bretonne. Oil on canvas
Girl by a Path. 1889. Oil on canvas. 127x102
Sheperdess Knitting. 1890-1900
Oil on canvas. 107x76
A Cup of Tea. 1883. Oil on canvas
The Shawl. 1900. Oil on canvas
Prelude. 1882. Oil on canvas
Portrait de Femme
Sainte Genevieve. 1887. Oil on canvas
Resting. 1882-1884. Oil on canvas. 33x41cm
Loretta. 1883. Oil on canvas. 34x26cm
Lady with a Hat. 1900. Oil on canvas
Lunch Break in the Fields. 1885. 76x107cm. Oil on canvas
In the Poppy Field
Water Carrier. 1883. Oil on canvas
Across the Fields. 1884. Oil on canvas
Peines de Coeur. 1885. Oil on canvas
Gleaners Rest. 1885-1890. Oil on canvas
Peasant Girl
Girl in the Fields
Woman of the Directoire. Circa 1884
From the Fields
The Sheepfold. 1893. Oil on canvas
Portrait of Paul Wayland Bartlett
Oil on canvas
Portrait de Mme Bartlett
The Return of the Flock. 1888
Mother and Child. 1880
Oil on canvas. 66x74cm
Gathering Dandelions. 1881
Oil on canvas. 64x91cm
Blue Shawl. 1880
Oil on canvas
Woman in White Dress
and Straw Hat. 1880
Oil on panel
In the Garden. 1880
Oil on canvas
Decapitation of St. John Baptist
Charcoal on paper. 1881. 16x18cm
Copying the Canticle
Chalk Study
A Village Funeral in Brittany. 1891
The Blue Umbrella. 1890
Young Girl of Auvers-sur-Oise.
1900. Oil on canvas
Visage. Oil on canvas
Study in Oil
Young Brittany Girl
Oil on canvas
Hanging Laundry. 1882
Oil on panel. 94x140cm
Peasant Woman
Graphite on paper
L'Italienne. 180x104cm
Oil on canvas
Annunciation. 1892
The Mask. 1895
Oil on canvas
Portrait of Mrs. P. 1888

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