Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edelfelt landscapes

Childs Funeral Procession. 1879
Summer at Archipelago. 1886
Porvoo River. 1887. Oil on wood. 26x35cm
At the Part of Cluny. 1878. Oil on canvas 19x31cm
Archipelago Landscape (unfinished)
Oil on canvas. 56x47cm
Snowy Paris. 1887. 46x37cm
Waterlillies. 1896. 39x62cm
22x34. Oil on canvas mounted on board
Log Raft. 1886
Luxenburg Park at Paris
Kaukolaharju, at the Sunset Time.
1889-1890 117x83cm
Log Raft. 1888. Oil on canvas. 60x37cm
Winter Landscape at Kaivopuisto
Yong Woman Holding an Umbrella.
 1886-1887. Oil on canvas. 56x46 cm

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Edelfelt portraits

Artists Sisters Portrait (Ellen Edelfelt). 57x45cm. 1876
Ellen Edelfelt. Close-up
At the piano. 1884. oil on canvas. Close-up
Professor Runabergs Portrait
Writer Leclerqis Portrait. 1897.
Oil on canvas. 60x40 cm
Carl Albert Edelfelts Portrait
(Albert Edelfelts father) 1883
Annie Edelfelts Portrait (Alberts sister) 1883
Alexandra Edelfelts portrait. 1883
Oil on canvas .82x60cm
Alfred Koechlin-Scwartzs portrait. 1880.
Oil on canvas. 115x98cm
Aukusti Uotilas Portrait. Study for the Karl
Fleming painting, 1878. 27x22cm. Oil on canvas
Pasteurs Portrait Sketch. 1885 61x51cm
Portrait of Louis Pasteur. 1885.
Oil on canvas. 154x126 cm
Johan August von Born Land Marshall. Oil on canvas. 125x95cm
Therese Schiefners Portrait. 1885
Oil on canvas. 96x72cm
Waldemar Ekelund. 1877 .Oil on canvas. 80x67cm
Emelie von Etters portrait, 1880, oil on canvas 60x54
Berta Edelfelts Portrait (Alberts sister) 1876 39x36cm
Berta Edelfelts Portrait
1884. Oil on canvas. 60x45cm
La Marguerite 1879
Selfportrait in 17th century costume. 65x75cm. Oil on canvas
Laris Paraske Sings Requiems. Oil on canvas. 37x63cm. 1893
Ida Aspelin-Haapakyläs portrait, 1878 62x47
Karelian Without an Eye, Preliminary
Work for Burned Village. Oil on canvas. 53x41cm
Portrait of Jean Baptiste Pasteur
Portrait of Fredrika Snygg (Tatja).
1880, Oil on wood 32x24cm
Mme Weissgerber de Stragewiczis Portrait
1887. 115x80cm. Pastel
 Carl Gustaf Estlanders Portrait. 1896
Joachim Kurtens Portrait
Painter P.-A.-J. Dagnan-Bouerets Portrait.
1881. Oil on canvas 98x80cm
Anna Sinebrychoffes Portrait
1884. 129x125
Brunette. 1885. Oil on
canvas 56x38 cm
Self Portrait
Gustaf Philip Armfelts portrait
1878. Oil on canvaso 56x46cm
Potrait of Adolf von Becker
Singer Aino
Actes Portrait
Harava Tyttö, study for
august. 1886,.oil on wood. 40x31cm
Portrait of Actress Hedvig
Raa-Winterhjelm. 1876.
92x72cm. Oil on canvas
Polish Rabbi, Oil on
cnavas, 55x38cm
Portrait de Jeune Femme. 46x38cm
Zachri Topeliukses Portrait
Parisian Woman. Pastel on
paper mounted on canavs.
Girl and Cat. 1881. Oil on
canvas. 46x37cm
Old Woman with Pare
Basket 1882. Oil on canvas. 83x61cm
Side View of Young Woman
1882. Pastel on paper 63x49cm
Portrait of a Young Woman
Sculptor Ville Vallgren and His Wife
Artist Antoinette Räström. 1886. Oil
on canvas. 116x139 cm
Larin Paraske Sings
Spells. 82x52cm. 1893
Oil on canvas
Voldemar Carl von Daehn. 1899