Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giuseppe Volpedo

Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (1868-1907) was an Italian painter.
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Vlaho Bukovac

Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922) was a Croatian painter.
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Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Portrait of Artists Daughter
Portrait of Gustav Pongratz 1893
Portrait of Samson Fox
Gundulics Dream
Katarine Bibive. 1891. 60x48cm
Portrait of Miss Berger, 1897
Mladi violinist (Armando Meneghello),
1885. 45x31cm
Montenegro Girl, 1883

Jehan Georges Vibert

Jehan Georges Vibert (1840-1902) was a French academic painter. He studied in Ecole des Beaux Arts under François-Edouard Picot.
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The Diet. 61x71cm
An Andalusian horse and rider. 38x46cm
Napoleon and the Cardinal
The Marvelous Sauce. ca. 1890
Scramble for the Lunch. Oil on canvas
Spanish Barber
Rollcall after Pillage
Grand White Eunoch Watching Doves
Eureka. Oil on panel. 46x37cm
Chatting by the Fountain. 74x97cm
At the Corrida. 1875
Apothéose aux funérailles de Thiers
A Night Class. 1881. Oil on wood panel. 97x83cm
Monseigneur en visite
The Cardinal’s Return
Tea for the Bishop
The First Babe. 1872. 36x45cm
The Preening Peacock. Oil on panel. 37x46cm
Un Secret D'etat. 1875. Oil on canvas
Trial of Pierrot. 39x66cm
The Sick Doctor. 1892. Oil on canvas
The Serenade. 38x46cm
The Reprimand. 1874. 52x84cm
The Masked Assasian.
Watercolor on paper
Vibert - Le retour de la dîme. 98x70cm.
Oil on canvas