Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edelfelt landscapes

Childs Funeral Procession. 1879
Summer at Archipelago. 1886
Porvoo River. 1887. Oil on wood. 26x35cm
At the Part of Cluny. 1878. Oil on canvas 19x31cm
Archipelago Landscape (unfinished)
Oil on canvas. 56x47cm
Snowy Paris. 1887. 46x37cm
Waterlillies. 1896. 39x62cm
22x34. Oil on canvas mounted on board
Log Raft. 1886
Luxenburg Park at Paris
Kaukolaharju, at the Sunset Time.
1889-1890 117x83cm
Log Raft. 1888. Oil on canvas. 60x37cm
Winter Landscape at Kaivopuisto
Yong Woman Holding an Umbrella.
 1886-1887. Oil on canvas. 56x46 cm

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