Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sargent Drawings

Olimpio Fusco
Male nudes wrestling
Dessin d'Ornament. 1877. Pencil on paper 63x49cm
Kneeling model
The Archers
Standing Figure. 62x48cm. 1890
Mario Mancini
Nicola D'Inverno
Eleanora Randolph
Sir William Hedworth Williamson,
10th Baronet
Rosie Marie-Louise Derenburg
Portrait of Mrs. Alfred Fowler (Eva Neumann)
Portrait of Beatrice Alice Fielden
Margaretta Drexel, Countess of Winchilsea
and Nottingham
Henry Viscount Lascelles 1925
Henry James 1913
Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. 1923
Edwin Austin Abbey
Daisy Princess of Pless
Sir Philip Sassoon
Study of a seated man
Blanche Marchesi
The Honourable Charles Lister. Pencil
on paper 28x20cm
Frans Hals Studies. Pencil on paper
Copy of Venus de Milo.
Pencil on paper. 1874-77
Rosina, 1878. Pencil on paper 19x19cm
Charcoal on paper. 33x22cm. 1874-77
Self-Portrait. 1882. Pen, ink and wash on paper
Studies of Venetian Male Models.
1880-82. Pen and ink on paper 36x24cm
Studies for the Dancer. 1880-81.
Charcoal on paper