Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sargent Paintings

El Jaleo. 348x235cm. 1887. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Fumée d'Ambris Gris. 1880. 94x139cm
Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth.
1889. 114x221c,
Fête Familiale - The Birthday Party. 1887. 74x61cm
Street in Venice. 1880-1882. 52x70cm
Street in Venice. 54x45cm. National Gallery of Art
Washington DC US. 1882
The Breakfast Table. 1884. 46x55cm.
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
Oyster Gatherers of Cancale. 1878
Capri Girl. 1878. 64x77cm
Madame Gautreau Drinking a Toast. 1883
Pavement of St. Mark's. 1898. 72x53cm
Pressing the Grapes - Florentine Wine Cellar.
50x61cm. 1882
Venetian Bead Stringers. 1880-1882. 78x68cm
Venetian Bead Stringers. 1880-1882. 79-56cm
Young Man in Reverie. 1876. 61x76cm
Boston Library Oil Painting Mounted on Wall
- Israelites Oppressed. 1895
Museum of Fine Arts Oil Painting Mounted on
Wall - Chiron and Achilles. 348x318cm. 1922-25
Mosquito Nets. 72x57cm. 1908
Sortie de l'eglise campo san canciano venice
A Backwater at Wargrave. 62x75cm. 1887
Spanish Dancer. 1880-1881
Man Wearing Laurels
Courtyard, Tetuan, Morocco
Professors Welch, Halsted, Osler and Kelly.
Ragazzo nudo sulla spiaggia - Napoli 1878
Pointy. 1880s
John French, 1st Earl of Ypres. 55x39cm.
The Loggia
The Model - Interior with Standing Figure.
1876. Watercolor on paper. 23x30cm.
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, US
Boston Library Oil Painting Mounted on Wall
- Frieze of Prophets. 1895
Venetian Glass Workers
Home Fields
A Boat in the Waters off Capri
A Vele Gonfie
Two Boys of a Beach with Boats. Oil on panel 25x35cm. 1878
Nude Boy on Sands. 1878.
Oil on panel 33x25cm
Boy on the Beach. 1878. Oil on panel 19x30cm
Two Boys on a Beach, Naples. Oil on panel 25x34cm
Neopolitan Children Bathing. 1878-79. Oil on canvas 27x41cm
Tivo Octopi. 1875. Oil on canvas. 41x32cm
Tivo Nude Boys and a Woman in a
Studio Interior. 1878-79. 47x30cm
Oil on canvas
Figure in Costume. Water-colour on paper.
Young Woman in a Black Skirt. Watercolour
on paper. 36x25cm. 1880-81
Study for ''fumee d'ambre gris''. 1880.
Oil on canvas 81x54cm
Incensing the Veil. 1880. Water-color
on paper. 31x20cm
A Venetian Woman. 1880-81. Oil on panel

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