Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emil Carlsen

Soren Emil Carlsen (1853-1932) was an American Impressionist painter who emigrated to the United States from Denmark.
Chrysanthemums in a Canton Vase
Vases And Flowers. Oil on canvas.
Silver and Gray
Still Life with Mallards and Copper Pots
Still Life with Kettle and Jug
Still Life with Fish and Copper Bowl
Vase of Roses
Ruby Reflection. Oil on canvas 41x37cm. 1895
White Asparagus
Jade and Ancient Glass
Study in Grey 1906
A Young Girl Preparing Poultry
Still Life with Oriental Works of Art
Still Life with Dead Game
Still LIfe with Chinese Porcelain
Still LIfe with Pitcher and Pivar
Brass and Copper. 1900
Still Life with Fish
Still LIfe with Garlic
The Samovar
Still Life with Teapot and Onion
Still Life with Self Portrait Reflection.
Oil on board. 1931. 38x38cm
The French Fan. Oil on panel 46x38cm. 1922


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