Saturday, July 9, 2011

George W. Lambert

George Washington Thomas Lambert (1873-1930) was an Australian artist, known principally for portrait paintings and as a war artist during the First World War.
Miss Thea Proctor
La blanchisseuse (The French landlady)
Hugh Ramsay in London
Lotty and a lady
Sybil Waller in a red and gold dress
Equestrian portrait of a boy
Thea Proctor
Chesham Street
The shop
Miss Alison Preston and John Proctor on Mearbeck Moor
The sonnet
Portrait group
Portrait group (The mother)
The holiday group (The bathers)
The old dress
Holiday in Essex
William Alison Russell Esq.
Pan is dead (Still life)
On the black soil plains
A bush idyll
Self-portrait with gladioli
Walk (An incident at Romani)
Mrs Chisholm of Kantara
Australian troop horse, full marching order
Light Horse veteran
The cabinet maker
gg and cauliflower still life
Mrs Annie Murdoch
Self-portrait (unfinished)
Mrs Jane Lindsay

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