Sunday, July 10, 2011

Isaac Levitan

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900) was a classical Russian landscape painter.
Isaac Levitan site
Self-portrait 1880
The Birch Grove
Spring Flood
After the rain. Plyos. 1889. 1880x125cm oil on canvas
Golden autumn
Lake Eventide
House with Broom Trees
Last Work
Springtime in the Crimea
Overgrown pond
The Quiet Abode, 1890, oil on canvas
Birch grove
Above the Eternal Peace
Evening Bells. 1892
Portrait of Anton Tschechow
Field after Harvest
Moonlit Night
By the whirlpool. Study. 1892
Spring in the Forest
By the whirlpool. 1892. 150x209cm
Overgrown Pond. Study
Footbridge. Savvina Sloboda. Study
Forest violets and forget-me-nots.
1889. 49x35cm
Golden autumn, village
In the North
Brisk wind, the Volga
On the river Volga
Stormy day
Autumn. circa 1891-1899
Golden autumn
Range of mountains, Mont Blanc
Ferns in a forest. 1895. 82x127cm
The Istra River. Study
Small Hut in a Meadow. Study
Meadow on the Edge of a Forest
Seashore. The Crimea
Barns. Study
Evening on the Volga. 1887-1888. Oil on canvas 50x81cm
After the rain. Plyos. 1889. 1880x125cm oil on canvas
Above the Eternal Peace. Study
Canal in Venice. Sketch

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