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Dagnan-Bouveret figurative paintings

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret (January 7, 1852 – 1929) was one of the leading French artists of the academic school. He was born in Paris, the son of a tailor, and was raised by his grandfather after his father emigrated to Brazil. Later he added his grandfather’s name, Bouveret, to his own.

From 1869, he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Alexandre Cabanel and Jean-Léon Gérôme. In 1873, he opened his own studio with a fellow student Gustave Courtois. (quote from Dagnan-Bouveret Wikipedia article)

Dagnan-Bouveret at Artcyclopedia
Short biography
Really good book, with great reproductions of hes work. - You can also find it on
Portrait of M. de Rochetaillee. 1877. Oil on canvas. 111x87cm
Ophelia. Oil on canvas. 104x157cm
Portrait of Gustave Courtois.
1884. Oil on canvas. 82x122cm
Orpheuses Sorrow. 1878.
Oil on canvas. 150x108cm
Breton Youth Leaning against
a Wardrobe. 1887. Oil on canvas.
Portrait of Gabriel Bouveret. 1877. Oil on canvas. 41x33cm
In the Forest. Oil on canvas. 1892. 125x155cm
The Pardon in Brittany. 1886. Oil on canvas.
115x84cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Seamstress (Breton Woman). 1886.
Oil on canvas. 38x29cm
Bretons Praying. Oil on canvas. 1888. 85x124cm
Portrait of Albert Edelfelt. 1887
Oil on wood. 21x15cm
In the Meadow. Oil on canvas. 1892. 91x96cm
Le Pain Béni. 1885. 120x84cm
Gypsy Scene. 1883. 44x36cm
A Stable. 1883. Oil on canvas. 47x55cm
An Accident. Oil on canvas. 1879, 90x130cm
Horse at the Watering Trough. 1884
Oil on canvas. 222x173cm
Consolatrix Afflictorum

The Last Supper
Blessing of the Young Copule Before Marriage
Oil on canvas. 99x143cm
Portrait of a Brittany Girl
A Woman from Bern,
Switzerland. 1887. Oil on
 canvas. 56x42cm
Les Bretonnes au Pardon. Oil on
canvas. 125x141cm. 1887
Breton Women. 1887
Oil on canvas
Self-Portrait. 1880s.
Oil on canvas. 81x60cm
Bretonnes au Pardon. 1887. 141x125cm. Oil on canvas
Christ and the Disciples
Oil on canvas
Bouderie (Gustave Courtois in his
Studio). Oil on canvas. 48x64. 1880
Une Noce Chez le Photographe
Madonna of the Rose. 1885
Oil on canvas. 86x69cm
Portrait of Anne-Marie
Dagnan with Black Cat.
Woman in Breton Costume
Seated in a Meadow. 1887.
Study for Breton Women at a
Pardon. 41x33cm
Study of Pensive Man
Laundress. 1880. Oil on canvas.
The Musician. 1884
Priam Pleading for the Body
of His Son Hector from Achilles.
1876. Oil on canvas. 147x114cm
Via Dolorosa
Manon Lesaut. 1878. Oil on canvas.
The Accident. 1880. Oil on canvas.

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