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Charles Bargue paintings

Charles Bargue (c. 1826/1827 – April 6, 1883) was a french artist. A lithographer as well as a painter, who devised a drawing course. He is better known for the drawing cource (which is about 150 litographed drawings, that were meant students to copy, for a preliminary excercise of drawing casts and live model). But he was also quite good painter. He didnt painted like big figure compositions or other big complex things. Instead he did perfect small scale single figure paintings.
Wikipedia article about Charles Bargue
Web gallery of hes work
Gerald Ackermans book about Charles Bargue (this is must buy, for people who want to study classical art)

A Turkish Sentinel 1877. Oil on panel.
 Le jeu d'échecs. 17 x 23cm Sold for  £8,125 at auction
crhisties 2009
Bashi-Bazouk. 1875. Oil on canvas
A Turkish Sentinel. 1877. MFA Boston
Oil on panel. 28x21cm
Seated Negro. 1871. Oil on panel 26x20cm
Muslims At Prayer. Sketch. 1875-80 Oil on
canvas. 36x27cm
The Flute Player. 1880. Oil on panel. 28x19cm
Bashi-Bazouk, Seated. Sketck. 1880s
Oil on canvas. 47x33cm
Gallery of Hamilton Ontario
An Oriental Coffeehouse. 1877
Watercolor on paper. 30x22cm
The Prayer to Allah. Sketch. 1874
Oil on canvas 46x33cm
The Greek Singer. 1877 Watercolor on paper
36x27cm. Singed "Gerome" on lower left, but
the drawing manner recembles more Bargues.
Arab Merchant Among His Antiques. 1877
Oil on panel. 33x24cm
Oriental Merchant. 1877
The Chess Players. 1882. Oil on panel. 27x44cm
A Footman Sleeping. 1871. Metropolitan
Museum of Art NY. 35x26cm
The Artist and His Model. Oil on panel. 27x20cm
The Guard (or Keeper of the Harem)
1877. Oil on honeycombed alumnium
Seated Breton. 1871. Oil on paper 26x21cm
Bashi-Bazouks Playing Chess. 1882-83
Oil on panel. 88x69cm. Malden public library
Massachusetts. (This was the last painting
that bargue did, before hes stroke. Its
suspected that Gerome finished this one
and sold, to pay bargues rent from his studio)
The Sentinel. 1873. Oil on panel. 28x22cm
The Sentinel. 1873. 32x22cm. Oil on canvas
The Painter Sketch. 1874. Oil on Canvas 25x16

The Almeh 1879. Oil on panel

The Artists Model. 1874.
Oil on panel. 24x16cm.
National Gallery of
Seated Young Man from
Behind, Study. 26x25cm.
Oil on canvas
Artist and His Model. Photogravure 1867. 63x48
Arabs at Prayer.
Grisaille. 1875-81.
Seated Young Man from Behind, Bare Back, Study. Oil on canvas. 27x24cm.
Head of a Young Man,
Study. 1876
The Artist at His Easel. Sketch. 1878. 24x15cm
The Opionion of the Model. 1874. 28x22cm

Greek Soldier, Pink and White Outfit. 1877 27x19cm
At His Devotion. Sketch. 1870-80. 50x30cm. Oil on panel

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