Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dagnan-Bouveret drawings and landscapes

Portrait Bust of Piero di Lorenze de Medici. 1873. Pencil and charcoal on paper
Study of Pensive Man. Pencil and red
crayon on paper
L’Adoration des Bergers. 27x19cm
tude de Visage Feminin. Late 19th
century. Graphite on paper. 11x14cm
Head of a Woman with Eyes
57x41cm. Pencil and crayon on paper
Manches et col Blanc
Portrait d'une Femme aux Longs Cheveux
Black crayon on blue paper. 36x31cm
Head of the Christ (study for via dolorosa). 1925
Chalk, sanguine and pencil. 22x18cm

Woman Praying (study for via dolorosa). 1927. Chalk drawings on paper

Saint John the Evangelist
Black and colored
crayons. 42x30cm
Le Sauveur 64x66cm
Handstudy. 1897. 19x26cm
Head of Woman with Hat
On. 13x9cm. Pencil on

La Vaccination des Enfants. 19x26cm
Studies for Seated Breaton Women
Orpheus Sorrow. 1876.
Prepatory drawing on
tracing paper
Seated Breton Woman
Seated Woman Holdin
a Letter. Study for
Breton Women Seated at a Pardon
Study for Edelfelts Portrait
Le Violoneux.
Study for The Last Supper (head of the
Saint John)
Study for The Last Supper (head of disciple).
1895. Charcoal with colored pencil on paper
En Cantara. 1888. Oil on canvas.
Self Portrait
The Mill at Corre. 1878. Oil on panel.
Willos by a Stream. 1908. 65x 81cm

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