Saturday, May 29, 2010

Edelfelt drawings

Sculptor Roberts Stigells Portrait. 1877. 40x30cm
Sigrid Stålarm, Study for the "Duke Karl
abusing the corpse of Klaus Fleming"
Karelian Peasant. Gouache and pencil on paper
Old Peasant Woman
Professor J.W. Runebergs Portrait
1902. watercolor and charcoal
Studies for the "Boys Playing at the Shore"
Illustration for the Z. Topeliukses fable "Small Pixie"
1901-1903. 25x24cm
Landscape Sketches
Mrs. Michaela Pooleys Portrait. 1902 etching
Portrait Sketches
Illustration for the Z. Topeliukses fable "Small Pixie"
Studies for Pasteurs portrait
Portrait Sketches and One Deathmask Sketch
Deathmask and Portraits
Karelian Peasant Woman. Gouache and pencil on paper. 1877
Study for Etching and Two Etchings
Anatomy Studies
Anatomy Studies
Selfportrait and Two Other Portraits

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