Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charles Bargue drawings

Two Arabs Leaning Against a Wall Black
Crayon and Conte on redish Watercolor
paper. 32x25cm

Armed Arab Leaning Against
a Wall, Graphite on tracing
paper. 22x11cm

Seated Arab. Pencil on Watercolor paper 30x18

Man Reading in a Rococo Room
Black Crayon on Paper. 25x17cm

Italian Peasant Woman
circa 20x15cm

Study of Female Figures

The study for "The Almeh"
Aprox 28x17cm

Study for "The Almeh" Black graphite on paper 22x10cm

Study for Albanian Soldier
Pencil on paper 25x15cm

Study for Greek Soldier. Pencil on paper 26x20cm

The Artist at His Easel. 1878.  pencil onpaper

Turkish Soldier


Arabs Observed at a Distance
Pencil on paper. 16x17cm

The Opinion of the
Model. 24x16cm

Opinion of the Model
Pencil and faint red crayon
on tracing paper. 28x21cm

Market Scene

Study for the "The Flute Player"
Study for the "Opinion of the Model"
Self Portrait. Kind of weird
Houses 20x13cm pencil
on paper
Studies for Man at Prayer. 23x28cm. Crayon on paper
Arab Kneeling in Prayer. 24x19cm Crayon
on paper
Moslem at Prayer. Conte crayon on paper. 16x25cm
Moslem Prostrating Himself on Prayer Rug. Crayon on paper. 17x25cm
Nude Recling on Pillow
Study of Tree Trunk Sawed in
half. 13x20cm. Crayon on paper
Bargue after Hans Holbein the younger (These all are litographed drawings from the Gerome-Bargue Drawing Course that bargue had copied from Holbeins drawgins)