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Meissonier figurative and interior paintings

Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier (21 February 1815 – 31 January 1891) was a French Classicist painter and sculptor famous for his depictions of Napoleon, his armies and military themes. He documented sieges and manoeuvres and was the teacher of Édouard Detaille (quotation from Wikipedia Meissonier article)
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Musketeer 1870
oil wood 25x15cm

Battle of Friedland in 1807. 135x242cm
Oil on Canvas. Made on 1861–75 Metropolitan Museum
A Man of Arms and Hes Horse
Sketch for Friedland
Man Choosing Hes
Sword 34x21cm 1851
Reading Man Near the
Window 1853 26x18cm
A Man in Black Smoking a Pipe 1854
32X24cm Brittish National Gallery
This closeup cropping from the painting
is something like 5x5cm big in real life.
At the Cabare German Chevalier
and Greuhound 1853 22x16cm oil on wood
Art Enthusiasts
Smoker 25x17cm 1850s
oil on wood
On the Terrace 40x50cm
Cleveland Museum of Arts
Man Dressed in White 
Near the Window 1857 21.5x15cm
Oil on Wood
La Dessinateur 1855
Sign Painter 59,5x45cm 1872
Oil on Canvas
This close-up is something like
20x10-15cm in real life
Flute Player 1858 34x22cm
Oil on Wood

A Game of Picquet

Inn Near the Poissy
Bridge 1885-1889
Oil on Wood 57x46cm
Peintre a chon
Chevalet 1855

Bibliophine 1862
Nobleman Curling Hes Moustache
1880 23x15cm
1877 Watercolor over Graphite,
Underdrawing Heightened with
White Gouache on Cream,
Moderately Thick Smooth Wove Paper
35x19cm The Walters Art Museum
La Confidence 1857
Oil Preliminary
Sketch. Made
Propably on the
Photograph of the Backround Building
A Sentinel Time of
Louis XIII 26x16cm


End of the Card Game
Samsson abattant les Philistins
1845This was one
of the first more complex
paintings by Meissonier

The Hired Assassins
1852 40x33cm
National Gallery of Victoria
The Musican 46x36cm
Femme en prire Saint Marc de Venise70x56cm
Vicars Wine 1860 11x15cm
Les Blanchisseuses
a Antibes88
Two Soldiers 18x12cmMFA Boston
Halberd Soldier 1849
The Barricade
Sketches for the Barricade?
Un Gentilhomme
Brothers Van De Velde
L Attente
Le Chant
Un Ecrivain
Partie Gagnee
Un Hallebardier
Partie Perdue
Sign Painter
Another Version?
Another Version of

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