Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gerome Sculpture

Caesar Crossing the Rubicon
Retiare appelant au combat
1889. 97cm from top to bottom
Tamerlan 1898
Monument Gerome. This work is collaboration between
Aime Morot and Gerome. 1878 to 1909. I think Gerome did
the gladiators 1878. And 1909 Morot added Gerome
sculpting them, and the sculpture then became "Monument
Gerome". Not totaly sure, that it went that way.
Height 3.6meters. Molded in bronze
La Fuite en Égypte
Nu Se Devoilant
Bacchante et Lamour
Gladiator Sculpture and
Omphale. 1887
Bellona 1892
Bathsheba Plaster. 84cm. Circa 1895
Frederick the Great
The Hoop Dancer. 1890. Height 24cm 2
L'Ouvrier Metallurgiste
Le Mendiant. 1898
Buste de Prevost-
Paradol. 1894
The Pursuit. Bronze. 25x15cm.
Sold for 6600€ at Sothebys
Eagle Expiring, Monument for
Waterloo, modeled c. 1900
(cast after 1902) 68x71 Art
Institute of Chigago
Buste de P.H. Rosseau
1887-1890. 64cm from
top to bottom

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