Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gerome Drawings

Tete de negress du Hedjaz, 1860 Etching 21x15cm
Geromes Cast Drawing when he was
a student
Cupidon et la Vestale. 1889
Ludwig XI. am Arm von
Tristan Lhermite. 1853. 25x18cm
Head of a Fellah Profile
Bashi-Bazouk. 1882. Pencil on paper
Study for Donkey Driver
in Cairo.  1856. 26x16cm
Cesar. 1863. 18x15cm.
Pencil on wowen paper
Head of a Bearded Man.
Red Chalk on paper. 17x16cm
(webimage cropped from the original)
Tete d'Italienne. 1871
Dead Cesar 17x36 cm Pencil on wowe paper 1859
A Study for General Bonaparte
in Egypt
Study of Bedouins on Camels
Study for Le Bain Des Femmes
 Two Italians and a Child

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