Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kenyon Cox

Kenyon Cox (October 27, 1856 – March 17, 1919) was an American painter, illustrator, muralist, writer, and teacher. Cox was an influential and important early instructor at the Art Students League of New York. He studied in Ecole des Beaux Arts under Gerome and Carolus-Duran.
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Wikipedia article
Artists and Public, and Other Essays on Art Subjects by Kenyon Cox (online book)
Classical pointo of View by Kenyon Cox

Old Masters and New Essays in Art Criticism by Kenyon Cox
Kenyon Cox, Academy Study, Male Nude, c. 1877
Kenyon Cox. A Blonde. Oil on canvas
Portrait of Henry L. Fry
Drapery study for figure of
Botany, ca. 1895
Study for Architecture, ca. 1895
Venice. 1894
Academic Nude
The Peri. Study for an Illustration in ''Paradise and
the Peri''. 1884
Science Instructing Industry. Nude Study
Reclining Female Nude Study for ''Painting''
Nude Study for Figure of Commerce
Louise Howland King Cox
An Eclogue. 1890. 123x154cm
Portrait of William James Morton
Drapery Study for Reclining Female Study for ''Painting''

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