Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miscellaneous 10

Robert William Vonnoh - Studio Comrade.
1888. Oil on canvas. 130x92cm
Edmund Tarbell - Portrait of Mme. T.
1888. Oil on canvas. 193x112
Winter Landscape with Stream
Toudouze - Farewell of Oedipus to the Corpses of His
Wife and Sons. 1871
Luc-Oliver Merson - The Soldier of Marathon. 1869
Joseph-Désiré Court - Samson and Delilah. 1821
Fabio Cipolla (Italian, 1854)
Marcel Baschet - Claude Debussy. 1884
Constantini Virgilio
Fritz Thaulow - A Factory Building Near An Icy River In Winter
Paul Baudry - Madeleine Brohan de la
Comedie Francaise
Theodore Chasseriau - The Artists Sisters
Breton, Jules (1827-1906) - 1857 Blessing of Wheat in Artois
Vignon, Claude (1593-1670) - 1610-19 Profile of
a Man Wearing a Fur Hat and Holding a Book
Jean Andre Rixens - The Death of Cleopatra
Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant
Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857 - 1947)
Couture Thomas - Portrait at ecole des beaux arts
Lovis (Franz Heinrich Louis) Corinth.
Early 20th century
Wenceslas Vácslav Brozik - A Bishpot
Zandomeneghi, Federico (1841-1917) - 1879 Mother
and Daughter
Robert William Vonnoh - Leah
Viggo Johansen - The Family of the Artist
Gustaf Theodore Wallen - La Maison Mortuaire
Aranda Luis Jimenez y - By the Cradle.
Oil on canvas. 83x59cm
By Franck Duveneck
Palermo, 1844 - Capri, 1913 Ritratto virile
Carboncino su carta, cm 43X32 Firmato in basso
a sinistra timbro dell’istituto di belle arti di Palermo
Stima € 600 - 800
Elizabeth Adela Stanhope Forbes - April
Sargent - Old Man with a White Turban.
Konstantin Makovsky

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