Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miscellaneous 13

John Frederick Lewis - An Arab of the desert
of Sinai. 44x31cm, Oil on panel
Gaston La Touche (FRENCH, 1854-1913). A maiden
in contemplation. 82x51cm. Oil on canvas. Sold at
Christies 2009 for £58,850
Lucien Victor Guirand de Sce´vola (1900)
Alice De Wolf Kellogg - Portrait of Miss G.E.K. 114x84cm
Edward August Bell - Portrait of
Lady in Gray. 1887-88
Jules Bastien-Lepage. 1882. Oil on canvas. 54x93cm
Douglas Volk. After the Reception. 1887,
Oil on canvas. 87x64cm
Walter MacEwen - Returning from Work. 1885. Oil on canvas.
Paul Joseph Jamin - La mort du Prince impérial
Paul Jamin - Le Brenn et sa part de butin. 1893
Erik Theodor Werenskiold - The Confession
George Washington Thomas Lambert
Anton Ažbe (1862–1905)
Michael Putz-Richard (1868)
Theodore Chasseriau - The Toiletof Esther 1841
Cesare Viazzi - Sirene
Lord Leighton - And the Sea Gave up the Dead which Were in it 1891
Paul Baudry - Charlotte Corday
John Byam Shaw - Liston Now is Pilgrim Fair Autumn Charge
Nathaniel Sichel - The Flower Girl Oil On Canvas
Gabriel Morcillo
Zamacois y Zabala, Edouardo (1841-1871) - 1867
The Favorite of the King
Hans Dahl - The Daughters Of Ran
George Watson - Self Portrait
Alma-Tadema - A Scene from Pompeii. 1868. Oil on canvas.
Celestin Mato Medovic (1857 - 1920)
Wilhelm Leibl - Reims Cathedral
Gabrien von Max (1840-1919 Munchen)
Breitner, George Hendirk (1857-1923) 1894 Girl in
a White Kimono
Robert Reid - Her First Born 1888
Louis Maurice Boutet de
Monvel - Portrait of Paul Mounet
Viggo Johansen
Cecilia Beaux - Little Lamerche. c.1900
Jacqueline Comerre-Paton (1859-1955) - Deluge. 1884
Edmund Charles Tarbell - Across the Room. 1889
Maris, Jacob (1837-1899) - 1862 Behind
the House
By Franck Duveneck
José Jimenez Aranda (1837-1903 )
Theodore Chasseriau - Ali Ben Hamet. 1845
Levy Dhurmer - Woman with a  Medallion. 1896

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