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Misc. academic figure drawings

Misc. academic figure drawings from 18th to early 20th century.
Figure Study - Seated Female Nude by
Florence Camm
Figure Study by Pekka Halonen
Figure Study by Pekka Halonen
Walter Marshall Clute.
Academic Drawing. 1894.
Wine and compressed
charcoal on paper
Agnes M. Richmond. charcoal
on paper. 1903
Wicar Jean-Baptiste Joseph (1762-1834)
Academie Homme
By Tolouse Lautrec
By Joaquin Sorolla
Wilhelm Kuhner - Male Nude
By Edward Henry Potthast
Circle of David Cox
Seated female nude. By Jan Sluijters
(Dutch, 1881-1957)
Woodsmen at work A gladiator,
half length, study of a male figure. By
Jessie I. Dunlop (British, active 1933-1935)
Greiner Otto (1869-1916)
Pablo Picasso - Academic Nude
Nude torso and portrait. By Pablo Picasso
Louis Fancher. Charcoal on
paper. 1902
By Arturo Villigiardi
From Solomon J. Solomons
By Solomon J. Solomon
By Julian Alden Weir. Done
at Geromes studio, late 19th
Marie-Suzanne Herfeld, Standing nude Woman Seen from the
Back, 1904 and Adelaide, Nude Woman, 1903
By Hugh Ramsay

Charlotte Trouessard - Seated Nude
Woman. 1904
By Marie Basktieff
By Albert Edelfelt. 1874. 61x47cm
E. H. Shepard
Vilhelm Hammershøi 1864-1916
- Academie. Done at Kroyers School
By Filadelfo Simi
By Filadelfo Simi
Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma Desnudo
Restaurada Alta
Vilhelm Hammershøi 1864-1916
- Academie. Close-up
Hugh Ramsay Figure Study. Not Dated
Academic Nude. Seen From the Back
By Theodore Robinson
By Theodore Robinson
By Theodore Robinson
By Theodore Robinson
By Theodore Robinson
Hugh Ramsay - Study of a girl 1896-1900
By Hugh Ramsay
By Hugh Ramsay
By Tolouse Lautrec
Celestin Francois Nanteuil -
Standing Male Nude. 1830.
Black chalk and charcoal on
white paper. 58x43cm
Jacques Louis David -
Man Stepping to Right. 55x44cm.
Black and white chalk on
greyish brown paper
Henri Lehman -  Study of a Female Nude. 1840
German 19th century model drawing
German Model Drawing 19th Century

Edward Orestuk - Drawing of a Male Nude Holding a Hat,
1939. Graphite on paper
Ernesto Soler de las Casas
(Barcelona, 1864–1935)
By Francisco Antonio Cano Cardona
By Joseph Bernard (1866-1931)
Ernest Hébert 1817-1908
Ernest Hébert 1817-1908
Louis-Ducornet 1806-1856
José María Casado del Alisal
(Palencia, 1830 - 1886)
Academic nudes by Pablo Picasso
Hebert. done at the atelier David-d-Angers
By Ernst Hebert
Alexandre Leroy 1820-1902
By Ernst Hebert
Academic Nude by
Lord Leighton - Academie
Munnings Painting at Academie Julian
Alfred Munnings - Academie at Academie Julian
Philip Andreevich Maliavin c.1893
Gustav Klimt - Reclining male nude. 1880.
Soft pencil on paper
William Frank Calderon (1865-1943) -
Rear view of a standing man holding
a staff above his head. 1880
19th century academic drawing.
Artist unknown
19th century academic drawing.
Artist unknown
Baltasar - Sans Pamies
Augustus Vincent Tack (1870-1949)
(Student of H. Siddons Mowbray) -
Academic drawing. 1894
Alphonse-Alexandre Leroy 1820-1902
Academie d'Homme
Chapu Henri Michel Antoine
(French 19th century)
Chapu Henri Michel Antoine
(French 19th century)
Vilhelm Hammershøi 1864-1916 -
Nude Female Model
Walter Marshall Clute (1870-1915)
(Student of H. Siddons Mowbray)
- Academic drawing. c. 1894
Toulouse Lautrec - de Bust of a Nude Man
Russell Sidney Reeve (1895-1970)
- Nude
Rudolph Frederick Schabelitz (1884-1959)
(Student of H. Siddons Mowbray) -
Academic Drawing. Charcoal on paper
Richard Tweedy - Academic drawing,
between 1894 and 1899
By Eugene Delacroix
Ethel Leontine Gabain
Giancomo Faveretto - Nude
French School 19th century. Academie
Haskell, William Homer, 1875-1952
Lithograph. 1897. North Academic Center,
Cohen Library Archives &
Special Collections
Haskell, William Homer, 1875-1952.
Michallon Achille Etna
Matisse Academie
Laurent Lucien Gsell - Academie d'African
Eero Järnefelt - Academie.
Painted at Academie Julian
Järnefelt Academie.
Painted at Academie Julian
By Eero Järnefelt
Järnefelt Academie.
Painted at Academie Julian
Gustave Courbet (French, 1819-1877) -
Standing Female Nude
Leon Cogniet - Male nude seen from
the back
Leon Cogniet - Academie
Alphonse-Alexandre Leroy
1820-1902 2
By Eero Järnefelt
Jose Jimenez Aranda
Sorolla - El Nino de la Bola. 1887
Gustav Klimt - Male nude seated on
a pedestal. 1880. Soft pencil on paper
George Howard Hilder - Drawing
of a Female Nude. 1905-1906
Rogers Fund
Michallon Achille Etna - Academie
By Jose Jimenez Aranda
Hans Von Staschiripka Canon
Hans Von Staschiripka Canon (1829-1885)
Gericault Theodore - Academie Homme
Charles Franis Hutin (Paris 1715-1776 Dresden)
By Adolfo Lozano Sidro

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