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Helene Schjerfbeck

Helene Schjerfbeck (July 10, 1862 – January 28, 1946) was a Finnish painter. She is most widely known for her realist works and self-portraits, and less well known for her landscapes and still-lifes. Throughout her long life, her work changed dramatically.
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Boy feeding his little sister. 1881. oil on canvas 115x95
Chickens Among Haystacks. 1887
Fete Juive (tabernacles), 1883 oil on canvas 115x172cm
Portrait of a Girl. 1886. 24x15cm
Sleeping Girl. 27x35
Self-Portrait. 1880. 13x13
Spaniard. 1881
The Door. 1884. 41x30
Två Huvuden i Profil. Två Kvinnoprofiler. 1881. 22x23
Italian Boy. 1883. Oil on canvas. 59x46
Hulivili the Bull. 1885 or 1886. Pastel on paper 36x53
Breton Girl. 1883. Oil on canvas glued
on wood. 59x42
Male Head
At the Pond (the willows). 1883.
Oil on canvas. 33x22cm
Boat on a Lily Pond Sjundby. 1882. Oil on canvas 30x45
Blue Anemones in a Chip Basket. 1886. Oil on canvas.
At the Hearth (by fire). 1893. Oil on canvas. 33x32
At the Door of Linköping Jail in 1600.
1882. 40x32cm. Oil on mahogany
At the Door of Linköping Jail in 1600. 1882. 132x99cm. Oil on canvas
Asters. 1883. Oil on wood. 30x40cm
Braid Headed Girl
Carnations in a Glass of Water 1888. Oil on mahogany. 22x27cm
French Peasant Girl. 1883. Oil on canvas. 50x34
Fete Juive (tabernacles). 1883. Oil on canvas. 115x172cm
English Peasant Woman (autum rose). 1887. Oil on cnavas. 115x92. Oil on canvas
Dance Shoes .1882. Oil on canvas. 58x65cm
Clothes Drying (laundry). 1883. Oil on canvas 39x54
Children Playing. 1894. Oil on canvas. 49x60cm
Italian Woman. 1881. Oil on wood. 45x37
Interior from Sjundby Manor
1890. Oil on wood. 35x25cm
Head of a Girl. 1883. Oil on wood. 16x22cm
Grandmother (Sofia Printz).
1882. Oil on canvas 25x18cm
Girl With Vase (breton girl).
1881. Oil on wood. 40x31
Girl with Pussy Willows 1886 oil on canvas 27x22cm
Girl with Fur Collar. 1887. Oil on canvas 40x31cm
girl in headscarf 1880 oil on canvas 25.5x34.5
funeral in brittany (cotege)
1884 175 x 102cm
self portrait 1878 (18-vuotias)
black and white crayon on paper 33.5 x 26.5cm
self portrait  1884-1885 oil on canvas 50 x 40.5cm
s glebow 1897 oil on canvas 27.5 x 35.5
praying child 1891-2 oil on canvas 33x39.5cm
portrait of helena westermarck
1884 oil on canvas 37.5x22.5cm
onions 1883-84 30x36cm oil on canvas
masquarde (rococo lady) 1887
oil on canvas 61x45
monk 1881 charcoal drawing on paper 47.5x40
little rika II 1885 oil on canvas 43x30cm
lullaby 1893 oil on canvas 62 x 49,5
little gudrun oil on canvas 27.5x35.5
lady spinning pencil on paper 27x37cm
youth 1882 oil on canvas 73.5 x 55
youth 1882 oil on canvas 47 x 36
wounded warrior in snow 1880 oil on canvas 38.5 59.5cm
ulrika baarman 1898 oil on canvas 29 x 38.2
violets in a japanese vase 1887 oil on canvas 39x 39
voew pf st ives 1887 oil on wood 33x43
twinflorwers in the forest 1886 oil on canvas 20x35
theconvalescent 1888 oil on canvas 92 x 107
the nursemaid 1889 oil on canvas 78.5 x 81cm
the death of wilhelm von schwerin 1886 90x117.5
oil on canvas
the charcoal burner 1882 oil on canvas 90 x 120
the broken string (by the rivers of babylon...)
1890x oil on canvas 70x61cm
the bakery 1887 oil on canvas 61 x 51cm
street in pont-aven 1883
oil on canvas 32-22cm
still life with bread and egg 1880s 35x27
youth sketch for death of wilhelm
von scwerin 1885 oil on canvas 57 x 44

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