Monday, August 2, 2010

Thomas Anshutz

Thomas Pollock Anshutz (1851–1912) was an American painter and teacher. He studied in Academie Julian
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 The Ironworker's Noontime. 1880
 Portrait of Rebecca Whelan
Figure Piece
Self Portrait
Indians On The Ohio
Woman Writing At A Table
 The Chore 1888
 The Lumber Boat
Portrait of Mrs. Anschutz
Portrait of Margaret Perot
Portrait of Katherine Rice
Woman in a Rocking Chair
The Way They Live
The Farmer and His Son at Harvesting.
Oil on canvas. 1879
Steamboat on the Ohio
Steamboat on the Ohio
 Portrait of Emil Fairchild Pollock
 A Passing Glance. Pastel on canvas.
76x 107cm
 A Flowered Gown
A Challenge
A Rose. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan,
New York, USA

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