Tuesday, August 3, 2010

George de Forest Brush

George de Forest Brush (1855-1941) was an American painter. He studied under Gerome in Paris.
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Mother and Child. 1895
The Moose Chase. 1888
Mother and Child. 1902
The White Swan. 1885. Oil on panel
The Revenge (The Escape), 1944
 A Celtic Huntress. 1890. Oil on canvas. 51x44cm
The Potter. 1889
Old Washakie. 1884
Indian Village at Dawn
Mourning Her Brave
Mother and Child. 1897
Making Pottery
The Silence is Broken
Family Group
Drapery Study
The Sioux Brave
The Weaver. 1889
The Shield Maker. 1890
Portrait of Mrs. Brush. 1888
Portrait of Miss Polly Cabot. 1896
Mother and Child. 1894
Indian Hunter. 1890. Oil on canvas
In the Garden. 1906
Henry George. 1903
The Indian and the Lily

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