Monday, August 2, 2010


Charles Auguste Émile Durand, known as Carolus-Duran (1837-1917), was a French painter and art instructor. He is noted for his stylish depictions of members of high society in Third Republic France.
Equestrian Portrait of Mademoiselle Croizette. 1873
Image of Laura at Seven. 1887
Carolus-Duran. Portrait of Lucy Lee Robbins.
1884. Oil on canvas. 171x128cm
Merrymakers. 1870
Portrait of Nadezhda Polovtsova. 1876
Portrait of Anna Obolenskaya. 1877
Studies for a Crucifixion. c. 1895-1900
Portrait of Emily Warren Roebling.
Mother and Children (Madame Feydeau
and Her Children). 1897
Portrait de Madame Vigeant
Danae. 1900
The Vision of Saint Catherine
Margaret Anderson, Wife of the
Honorable Ronald Grenvill.,
1891, oil on canvas
A Portrait of Philippe Burty
La Fille De L'Emir. 1883. 110x186cm.
Oil on canvas
Merrymakers. Close-up
Portrait of Louis Francais
Portrait of Jules Claretie
Portrait of Gustave Tempeleare
N. M. Polovtsova, 1876, oil on canvas
Portrait of D'Edouard Reynard
Portrait of D'Edouard Reynard
Mrs. William Astor (Caroline Webster
Schermerhorn, 1831–1908). 1890
Madame Carolus-Duran. 1885
Portrait of Charles Gounod
Portrait of Emmanuel Lansyer
Le poète à la mandoline
Portrait d'Antoine Jecker
Jean-Jacques Henner
Christ en croix

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