Thursday, August 5, 2010

William McGregor Paxton

William McGregor Paxton (1869-1941) was an American painter. He studied under Jean-Leon Gerome in Paris.
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The Album. 1913
The Sisters. 1904
Portrait of Mrs Charles Frederic Toppan. 1935
Girl Combing Her Hair
The String of Pearls. 1908
The Samovar. 1926
The Golden Veil
The Front Parlor
The Figurine
The Daguerreotype
The Blush of Youth
Pretty Girl
Portrait of Mr. Charles Sinkler
Portrait of Louise Converse
My Wife, Elizabeth
(Wedding Portrait of Elizabeth Okie Paxton)
Mollie Scott And Dorothy
Leaving the Studio
In The Studio
Girl Arranging Flowers
Cherry or The Gay Nineties
C. Russell Hinchman
The letter
The Green Dress
The Red Mules
The Other Room
The New Necklace
Woman Sewing
The Yellow Jacket
The White Veranda

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